Transparent and professional!

When Rohan had to choose among several agents to sell his first property, Lewis Real Estate stood out. Rohan trusted Lewis because of their transparency and guaranteed service. If Rohan was not happy of their service at any point, he was free to cancel without paying anything. And true to Lewis’ promise, Rohan was very satisfied with the result and wouldn’t sell it any other way. Thank you, Rohan, for sharing your story, so that others can learn from your experience.


My name is Rohan. I had a property in Pascoe Vale and I sold it through Lewis Real Estate in Coburg. I chose Lewis Real Estate because I like the way they approach the sale. They were very professional. So I did talk to several agents before I went to Lewis Real Estate and I had certain sets of questions posed to them which I didn’t get straightforward answers. In the case of Lewis Real Estate, they did give me a definitive answer on the figure that I could expect.

The concern I have with the other agencies is what they charge to sell your home. It was a range, and they said that it can even vary depending on the situation, so that’s not a good enough answer for me. Let’s say I’m committed to selling my property, I’ll have a big problem in my hand if I don’t know what the outcome is in the end.

I didn’t get straightforward answers to straightforward questions. They did ask for money for advertising, then they had the ongoing fee during the period they were engaged in selling my property. Lewis Real Estate did give me a range, according to their statistics what the property would be worth. They tried to maintain as much as possible to the values that they had given, and I think they achieved what they said. I’m very satisfied with results.

I advertised initially for $425,000 Lewis Real Estate did keep the price that I was expecting. Why I’m happy to pay even a slightly higher fee than what I’ve been promised through other real estate agents is because of the outright, or the frankness in telling me the price that I would be paying. And then the sale, so that gives you the comfort of knowing exactly as to how much you would be paying. You leave the professional work to the professional people.

If I didn’t get the price that I was looking for, or comfortable with, I would have called off the deal and I would not have incurred any loss at all.

This is my first property that I’ve sold, but I’m looking at selling other properties through Lewis Real Estate. I wouldn’t do it in any other way than the way that this was proposed to me by Lewis Real Estate. I thought they had a clear guideline as to how a property should be sold. I think that gives the confidence to the seller to choose this particular option of selling it through the Jenman system. The Jenman system basically ticks all the boxes that I am looking for. They guided me through the whole process, in the manner that was mentioned before.

So I’m very satisfied with the outcome of the services that they have provided. I would recommend anybody to work with people like Lewis Real Estate.