The Big Difference

Sabrina had a terrible experience with another real estate agent who tricked her with misleading promises. They told her that she can get up to $1,800,000 but several months later her property still hadn’t sold and they just couldn’t deliver. She had to make a change. With Lewis’ exceptional approach and Alan’s honesty and professionalism, Sabrina felt confident that Lewis really works hard to get the best price for her property without asking for any money upfront. It was definitely a big difference from her previous agent. In the end, Sabrina was extremely happy when Alan sold her property for $1,500,000, it was exactly what they promised. Thank you, Sabrina, for sharing your story, so that others can learn from your experience.

It was the honesty that I found with Alan and every week he contacted me. With the other agents I had, I never heard from them. I used to have to ring them up and say, “Did we have anybody through the house?” So that’s why I got rid of them.

The house was on the market for seven months. I put it in with Lewis, it took a month. My name is Sabrina Hodge, I sold my house with Lewis Real Estate. I had my property on sale with a well known agency in the area. They told me a high price so they can sign me up. They said they can get me $1,800,000.

We were over the moon. I could see my husband and I could retire so we signed on the dotted line. They seemed to be the biggest in the area so I trusted them. They said we will do a quiet sale in the beginning and then we’ll see how that goes.

After a couple of months, they come to us and said, “What we should do is go to auction “and you’ll get the price,” so we decided to do that and of course, there was no interest. Their strategy was to advertise it at $1,500,000 to $1,700,000 but on the day of the auction, they would have all these people in that will get it over $1,800,000.

We paid a huge amount for the advertising. We paid $10,000 so it went everywhere. We had no interest. We had no one coming through. And I’m going, okay guys, what is happening?

And then they come up with another scenario, another strategy, give us another $1000, we’ll do this, and then towards the end, said, “Look, we’ve got somebody that might be interested but he doesn’t have the money so we’ve sent him off to a broker, but he could be interested in $1,300,000.” And I went, WHAT? This is what you quoted. Don’t give me $1,800,000 and then say to me, accept $1,300,000. That’s like $500,000 less. We got a lot of lies. I was so upset.

One of my clients has recommended Lewis. I said, “Pino, get Alan to come over.” He came, it sounded completely different. He said, “You’re not gonna get your neighbours coming through, which is a waste of time. I make sure that every time somebody looks at your property, they’ve got money.”

I just felt it was real. I felt it was honest. It was completely different. I felt that they cared about me. My son said to me, “This is who we should’ve rung “in the beginning.” Lewis Real Estate told us that we would get $1,500,000 and we got $1,500,000 and we were very happy with that.