Sealed Bid VS Public Auction

Deanna always valued honesty when it comes to choosing an agent to sell her property. She was impressed with how Simon handled the entire process with integrity, respected their privacy and kept in communication all throughout. Simon made it easy for them as he understood that this was an emotional process for her family. The end result got Deanna $40,000 more than they were expecting. And on top of that a larger home up the street went to auction on the same day and sold for less. Thank you Deanna for sharing your story, so that others can learn from your experience.


My name is Deanna. We just sold our property in Fawkner. The reason why we chose Simon is because he was honest in his process and with helping us with other properties and so forth. We felt most comfortable to go through Simon. We did interview another agent. However, we decided not to go through that other agent because we didn’t actually feel that connection where it was genuine. We felt it was more pushy, we didn’t want to be pushed through the process which we did not like. Their target is just to sell the home and that’s it, but when it comes to selling your family home, it’s a quite emotional process, so we eventually wanted someone that was going to respect our privacy but be there with us through every step of the way.

Simon gave us the information as to who was interested in buying and who wanted to actually look through the house, so we always had the go-ahead first and then we’d follow through. Private appointments were booked in, and then Simon would actually make contact with us, advise us of the private inspections happening and then we’d allow that to go through. So when it went on the market, it was $675,000. Yes, we did want a little bit more than that, and the final selling price was $716,800. So essentially how Simon got us more money for our property is that he negotiated through the private bid process. There were multiple people interested in the property.

So on the day we actually sold our property, a house down the road actually sold their property on that same day, but interesting thing is that their property was actually much bigger than our property. That sold for less, ours sold for more. That house was 100 square metres more than what our house is.

The reason why we decided to pay more to have Simon as our agent, because we wanted honesty. We wanted someone that was going to respect our privacy. It is an emotional process in selling a family home and we wanted someone to be there with us every step of the way and not push us through the process. Hence, why we were happy to pay more but you do get what you pay for at the end of the day. And what was most appealing is that we really didn’t have to outlay any money to have Simon help us out.